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Planning Your Next Project | Existing Fireplaces

Nothing transforms a room or adds value to your home like an efficient, stylish fireplace. At Hubert’s Fireplaces, we know this … we’ve been doing it for almost 100 years! Of course, you know we are here to help you, your architect or designer find the perfect fireplace solution – guiding you though the technical […]

Enviro Fireplaces

Supporting Canadian Made: Part One

Supporting Canadian Made | Spotlight on Enviro Fireplaces For 98 years, Hubert’s Fireplaces has been proud to carry and support Canadian made products. When we buy Canadian, we directly impact our economy in many positive ways – this is especially important now during this uncertain health crisis. Every dollar we spend in Canada means that […]

Ottawa Wood Burning Changeout Program

How can you earn $750? It’s pretty simple actually. Did you know the smoke from an inefficient wood-burning appliance can affect your health, your neighbours and the environment? It might be time to think about changing to a more efficient unit. Brought to you by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of Canada (HPBAC), the […]

Gas-burning fireplaces aren’t the only option

If you want wood-burning, you’ve got choices! Gas fireplaces seem to get most of the limelight these days. Because while ‘old fashioned’ wood-burning fireplaces have an unmistakable romance and charm, they can also be quite inefficient, messy and expensive to maintain. But there’s good news for the romantic traditionalists – clean-burning, wood-burning fireplaces do exist. […]