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We know our stuff. Let our specialists save you time and money and help you create revolutionary and spectacular fireplace installations that will work for your clients.

Our process starts by either guiding you through the incredible product options (all carefully selected premium lines) that are best suited to your client’s desires and project design, or by confirming that the product already chosen will work as planned. That’s why it helps to consult with us early; we’re a valuable resource. Preliminary budget pricing from plans is provided at this stage.

Next, we follow up with a site visit to confirm the proposed plan and provide any additional information or solutions required, followed by a firm quote.

Our in-house staff of specialists, 95+ years of experience and meticulous attention to detail inspire confidence and trust. And as well-respected Ottawa experts, we know how to make your job easier, providing the most cost-effective and stunning fireplace solution available from among our premium and exclusive hearth lines.