Supporting Canadian Made: Part Two (Urbana Luxury Fireplaces)

Urbana is a brand new lavish line from Enviro Fireplaces that we’re really excited to have on display in our showroom this summer! With 800 units already sold from the manufacturer, this line is roughly half the cost of most luxury units, but with a style that would rival most luxury designs on the market today. The buzz around these new designs has our customers enthusiastic for their arrival.

The design is simply excellent. Their team was able to incorporate customer feedback early on in the process which allowed them to adjust on some of the design aesthetics and functionality.

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U30 Gas Fireplace

The U30 is the smallest of their multi-sided gas fireplaces, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of this stunning fireplace. 180° views of beautiful, dynamic flames truly make this fireplace a showstopper. Edge to edge glass from top to bottom, double layered for safety will ensure there are no screens or structural pillars getting between you and your fireplace.

U50 Gas Fireplace

The U50 mid-sized multi-sided gas fireplace features an impressive 38,000 BTU dynamic three dimensional flame. The Urbana floating wall bracket allows you to create a truly unique design, easily floating your fireplace a few feet off the ground. Edge to edge glass keeps pillars out of the way, providing full 180º views of the fire. There’s also a number of ways you can personally customize your unit.

U70 Gas Fireplace

The Urbana U70 is the largest of this modern design series. With a toasty 52,500 BTUs and an impressive 1900 in² of viewing area, this fireplace is sure to make a statement in any space. Choose from many different media options such as glass, driftwood or even shale to customize your fireplace. Double-walled glass eliminates the need for a safety screen, while still keeping your family safe from hot fireplace glass.

The Urbana U30 and U70 have already been released and shipping out, with the U50 available later in June. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions about Urbana! They’re moving fast!

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