Ottawa Wood Burning Changeout Program

How can you earn $750? It’s pretty simple actually.

Did you know the smoke from an inefficient wood-burning appliance can affect your health, your neighbours and the environment? It might be time to think about changing to a more efficient unit.

Brought to you by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of Canada (HPBAC), the Ottawa Wood Burning Changeout Program encourages Ottawa residents to improve ambient and indoor air quality, heat their homes more efficiently and safely, and reduce fuel costs by replacing their old, uncertified wood stoves and fireplaces with cleaner burning, EPA or CSA-certified models.

You could receive 25% of the cost of your changeout, up to a maximum of $750, if you meet the Program Eligibility Requirements.

What To Do

  • Step 1: Give us a call 613-728-3786 to discuss your appliance needs and eligibility.
  • Step 2: Purchase your certified appliance and book your installation.
  • Step 3: Take a photo of your current wood stove, insert, or fireplace to submit with your rebate application. This is especially important for open masonry fireplaces.
  • Step 4: Once the new appliance is installed, we’ll provide a form for you to submit with your application. If your appliance is not professionally installed, you will need a WETT Level 1 Site Inspection to be completed by a WETT-certified Inspector/Technician. You will need to submit the Inspection form with your rebate application.
  • Step 5: Take an after photo of the new installation to include with your application.
  • Step 6: Obtain a Certificate of Disposal or Recycling or a receipt from the appropriate disposal facility. Your specialty hearth retailer can also attest to disposal of the old appliance directly on the application form.
  • Step 7: Complete the online Rebate Application Form. Include your application number and attach the necessary supporting documents.
  • Step 8: Approved applicants will receive a cheque via mail in 8-10 weeks, or an e-transfer in 4-6 weeks.

Ready to see if you’re eligible? More information can be found by clicking here, or call us 613-728-3786.

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