Planning Your Next Project | Existing Fireplaces

Nothing transforms a room or adds value to your home like an efficient, stylish fireplace. At Hubert’s Fireplaces, we know this … we’ve been doing it for almost 100 years! Of course, you know we are here to help you, your architect or designer find the perfect fireplace solution – guiding you though the technical side of the literally hundreds of design options to choose from. But what if you already have a fireplace and want to renovate, replace or upgrade that existing fireplace and/or fireplace surround? Can Hubert’s Fireplace Consultation + Design help you then? The answer is yes – and we encourage you to connect with us BEFORE you begin!

Fireplaces offer more than just a heat distributing function; they are the centerpiece of many living rooms and outdoor spaces. The fireplace is often the focal point and everything placed in the room is (usually) centered around it. It’s worthwhile considering a remodel to a dated fireplace in order to better fit the design, style, and desired functionality of your home.

But fireplaces are not plug and play. Every fireplace is unique, the inner workings can be complicated, and it’s very important to know how the product was designed, read all the manuals for important health information and truly understand how the unit works before all the surrounding pieces are in place and decorative finishings are considered. We work with many designers who would agree.

Before starting any fireplace project with my clients, I always consult with the experts at Hubert’s.  Whether a new build or updating/converting an existing unit, they can help specify the insert or model that would best suit the client’s needs and space. From there I am able develop the design and specify the appropriate materials and finishes to fit with their look.”
Lisa Poirier, Interior Designer with WESTYLE INTERIOR DESIGN

At Hubert’s, we don’t just sell you a product. Our team of hearth experts look at the bigger picture to truly understand your needs and how to help you get the most use out of your fireplace – this includes talking to you, or your design team, before you start your project to learn more about where it’s going, what’s surrounding it, space limitations, air flow, and more.

Didn’t buy your fireplace from us? That’s ok! More than anything, we care about the health and safety of our community, and as experts in most fireplace designs, we can offer a lot of solid advice about your unit to make sure it’s installed to code, keeping you and your family safe.

As a final tip, if you purchased your unit from the U.S., it’s very important to research Canadian rules and regulations with regards to ventilation processes. Canadian guidelines vary greatly from other countries. We can offer advice in this area too.

Ready for a consultation? Our showroom is open by appointment only, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we encourage you to email us to book your appointment time. You can also email us a picture of your fireplace and its dimensions anytime. We’re visual people, we like to know what you’re working with so we can help you the best way possible!

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