Cook your Food, Not your Grill!

Have you ever wondered what causes a BBQ to reach its end of life? The answer is heat. Your BBQ is literally being cooked to death. The official term is metal fatigue and it occurs because over time, heat changes the properties of metal, leaving it brittle and frail.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. By investing in an outdoor grill by Twin Eagles Grills, you have the comfort of knowing it will be the last BBQ you ever buy. In addition to having a lifetime burner warranty, the luxury grill by Twin Eagles Grills is purposely constructed to keep metal fatigue at bay. In fact, since the grill was introduced in 2004, there has not been a single burner replaced under warranty.


What makes Twin Eagles Grills so special?


This remarkable longevity is achieved largely by keeping all of the heat above board, on the surface where it only comes in contact with the food it’s intended to cook. The radiant heat permeates directly and evenly through the briquettes and avoids “cooking” the internal components of the grill.


Twin Eagles Grills Internal Components

As well, the state-of-the-art zone dividers (stainless steel partitions between burners) work to stratify the temperature in 3 separate zones, so you can be cooking delicate sea scallops, a baseball-cut filet mignon and vegetables simultaneously. This is efficient, flexible and just plain FUN!

Twin Eagles Grills Zone Dividers

In comparing disposable BBQs and outdoor grills by Twin Eagles Grills, Brian Eskew of Twin Eagles Grills goes straight to the point. “They’re cooking the guts of the grill. We’re only cooking the food.”

Brian Eskew of Twin Eagles Grills at Hubert's Fireplace Consultation + Design in Ottawa, Canada

With most manufacturers having to replace burners every 3 to 5 years, a Twin Eagles Grills outdoor kitchen truly stands above the crowd in terms of reliability and versatility. And with a lifetime burner warranty and a track record like no other, it’s a smart investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Hubert’s. We’ll show you the magic at work.

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