End of Summer is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Backyard Oasis – for Next Summer

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It might feel counterintuitive to begin planning your backyard oasis at the end of summer, but trust us – it’s the right time. A well thought-out outdoor living space will reap rewards for years to come, whereas a hastily put together space will be a disappointment that doesn’t meet your family’s long-term needs. So, go ahead. Start dreaming. Make a plan.

And let us help you do it well.


Begin with functionality

It’s always wise to begin by asking yourself how you want your outdoor space to function. These questions could include the following:

  • Will it be an expansive entertaining space? Or just a quiet place for small family gatherings?
  • If children are in the mix, will there be an area set aside for play?
  • Do you plan to use your space in cooler temperatures? Consider a fire feature to keep you cozy.
  • Is there a pool in your backyard? Make sure it’s not within splashing distance of the BBQ.
  • Are you a passionate cook? A full-fledge outdoor kitchen would be the envy of all your neighbours. Placate them with your Mexican grilled corn and gourmet burgers.

All of these questions and answers will help you fine-tune how you want your outdoor living space to work and feel.


Don’t forget the technical details

If you’re planning to build in elements like an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to consider the following 5 factors:

  1. Hot Water / Cold Water / Sewage
  2. Running Gas Lines + Electricity + Water. Nail down details about sizing, where they will be installed, and which appliances will be served.
  3. The base that the fire feature or outdoor kitchen will sit on. This is especially important for issues like frost and drainage.
  4. Off season considerations. Ensure that the system is designed to be easily winterized.
  5. Construction of cabinetry


Lighting is everything

Many would agree that the best time to enjoy an outdoor living space is during the evening. But when the sun sets, you want to ensure your outdoor lighting is both attractive and practical. This means ensuring sufficient task lighting around the BBQ and workspace, as well as ambient light sources around your seating areas, as well as any landscaped pathways.

And don’t forget the importance of natural light when planning your outdoor living space. Undertake your own sun and shade study to discover where the light falls at what time of day. Your findings will have an important impact on where you decided to place things like the BBQ and main patio seating area.


Design elements are the fun part

Determining the overall vibe of your outdoor living space is often the most exciting aspect of the planning process. What do you want the space to look and feel like? Do you want a dramatic fire feature? What colours speak to you? Do you want lush grass or maintenance -friendly Astroturf? Do you want tall ornamental grasses or shrubbery? What about protection from the rain? Are you content with a simple patio umbrella or do you want something more substantial like a pergola? Will your seating be moveable or built-in? Or maybe a bit of both!


Don’t do it on your own

A well-planned outdoor living space is not a simple undertaking. It takes time and expertise from the pros – like Huberts! You will also want to consult with designers and landscape architects. A professional eye will help you make wise decisions about functionality and aesthetics, ultimately ensuring that your investment is a sound one.

So, if you’re planning to add an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living space, come to Hubert’s and speak with one of the knowledgeable members of our team. We’ll get the conversation underway, and before you know it, you’ll have a vision and plan to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

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