Meet the team

At Hubert’s, we’re more family than co-workers. Many of us have been here so long, this really is our second home. And we’ve stuck around so long because we truly believe in what we do.

We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, guidance and advice – whether you choose to buy from us or not – drawing on our decades of experience, industry leadership, deep product and safety knowledge and attention to detail. We know fireplaces inside and out and our team will meet your needs from start to finish, with no middle man or outsourcing.


Jodie grew up at Hubert’s, starting part time when she was 14 and, aside from a brief time away, gradually working her way up in the company. More than 30 years later, she has taken on sole ownership, cementing her outlet for passion for the industry and a desire to make people happy. For Jodie, a fireplace means family time, relaxation and a place to zone out and do nothing, which can admittedly be a little distracting when she’s at work.

Sales Manager

Multi-tasking may be a myth, but Kim insists she does it well. She has to, since her role involves wearing many hats, figuratively speaking, and an ability to troubleshoot to keep the office running smoothly. Having a memory like an elephant comes in handy, especially when it comes to serving clients, and she’s constantly surprising everyone with the things she remembers. Away from work, her hot buttons are family, camping, vanilla-flavoured coffee and a kooky cat named Pickle.


Kevin is an expert installer who’s also responsible for much of the finishing work Hubert’s does. That brings a variety to his day that he finds refreshing, even after more than a decade. Like Shaun, he loves seeing a project finished and the enjoyment of the homeowner. Outside of work, his kids and his family are the most important things and his perfect Friday night is relaxing after a good work week with a beer and his computer.


Nathan is also a double double fan, and he’s a fan of dogs. For this installer and gas technician, satisfaction comes in seeing a project through from start to finish. He enjoys taking an empty space and turning it into something the homeowners will love and appreciate and he takes pride in meeting the highest of standards while he’s doing it.


Dedication to his craft and attention to detail are key for Shaun, who’s much happier letting his work be in the spotlight rather than himself. In fact, if he could choose a super power, it would be invisibility. He’s happiest when he sees a finished project, and the effect it has on the homeowner. Then he can put his feet up and relax with his wife for a bit, before diving into the next project.

Warehouse Manager

A sense of humour can go far for Rob, who has the demanding task of keeping the warehouse running smoothly, whether that’s shipping things out, bringing things in, purchasing or prepping orders so that the rest of the staff has what they need, when they need it. Rob’s life philosophy? A proper work/life balance so that you’re working to live and not living to work.


Jodie’s son, Kyle, is the third generation of the family to work at Hubert’s and it makes her proud that his inspiration is his Nan, who was co-owner of the company before Jodie took over. Along with learning the business, Kyle loves photography and taking pictures, which he does both for fun and to relax. He’d love to travel to Greece, which would make a great backdrop for his lens if and when he gets there.